Professor Jehad Al Sukhun
د جهاد السخن

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Dr Jehad Al Sukhun
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

1. Glossoplasty: Head & Neck Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Dear Medcare Hospital team,
I would like to thank you for the care you have given me recently when I underwent an operation on my tongue at your hospital on 22 November. The hospital medical staff I came in contact with were extremely caring, kind and friendly. It made the experience much less daunting.
I would be amiss here if I do not offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to Professor Jehad Alsukhun, the brilliant Oral Maxillofacial specialist who correctly diagnosed my condition, recommended the operation, followed up with all the requested supporting reports and responded to insurance company questions (and their endless procrastination and evasiveness), and finally performed the surgery.  I cannot give enough praise to Prof Al Sukhun for his caring attitude, calming demeanour, clear and informative explanations and continued support and I fully appreciate his post-surgery follow up.
Naturally, I hope I do not have to go through another surgery, but if it happens again, I would wish that a team like the one who cared for me at Medcare Hospital and a surgeon like Prof Jehad Al Sukhun are the ones who care for me then.
Keep up the good work.
Best regards,
Nabil Kassem

2. Trauma: Head & Neck Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Dear Dr. Jihad,
Allow me to express my thanks and appreciation to the professional manner in which you have handled the case of my mother in law Mrs. Elizabeth.
In deed it was a complicated multiple fracture case which imposed a threat on her loosing vision in the left eye. We are so satisfied with the result of this major  surgery. What impressed us the most is the care and confidence which you have presented, this made us all feel at peace throughout this ordeal specially that you were so kind to give us your contact details and was always reachable to answer our questions. It was assuring to feel that my mother in law was being taken care of by a surgeon who is humane, confident and professional.
Once again thanks to you and your team for all you time and effort. 

3. Facelift: Head & Neck Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Dear Dr Al Sukhun,

I am ever so grateful to your professional manner and expertise you have shown in managing my case. It is an experience with total life change. Years of using different types of fillers in my face, left me devastated with severe impact on my look. The surgery you have carried out proved to be a huge success with minimal complications. In fact I was surprised that I was able to resume my life normally after 10 days of the surgery> I have never expected with one surgery to get my face the way I always dreamt of! It is difficult to express my gratitude in words. God bless you. Keep up the good work. 

Best wishes, 


4. Nose Job (Rhinoplasty): Head & Neck Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Dear Dr Jehad, 

What an amazing job you have done. Many thanks to your goodself and to your team at MedCare Hospital. You were thorough in explaining the surgery and I Ihave to say the surgery has supassed my expectations. I do recomment you to all my friends and family. God bless. 



5. Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Dear Dr Jehad

I find it difficult to, enough, express my gratitude to yourself and your team. I never thought that removing my wisdom teeth would be a relatively easy procedure, till I met you. The surgery was a huge success with little pain and swelling. In actual fact I was able to be pack to work on my second day. God bless you. Keep up the good work. 

Best wishes,

Helene McGareth

6. Salivary Gland Surgery: Head & Neck Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two doctors who have helped me in my surgery at Medcare. I first came to meet your ENT specialist, Dr Nikita Malhotra, who examined me and told me to come back for a follow up in 6-7 days. She was very cordial and knew exactly what was going on. When I went back she told me I need to see a Maxillofacial Surgeon and with great confidence she recommended Dr. Jehad Al Sukhun. Let me tell you that I normally would get a second opinion but with this strong recommendation from Dr. Nikita and after personally meeting Dr. Jehad Al Sukhun, my instinct told me he is the right doctor. I must say that the surgery was successful, touch wood, and I would like to personally thank the Medcare team for looking after me. I would also recommend Dr. NIkita and Dr. Jehad in the future to my family and friends if need be. Dr. Jehad is a well versed professional who is brilliant in his field. I do not know about the rest of the staff but I have high regards for these two specific doctors. Keep up the good work Dr. Nikita and Dr. Jehad.



7. Cleft lip / palate: Head & Neck Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

“We would like to express our recognition and thank you for the outstanding job you’ve done during the surgery of our daughter Tesnime Soualmi (4 years old) who was born with a cleft palate. As you know the surgery took place in MedCare Hospital where we found all the required medical expertise, means and hospitality to get a successful operation. We can say that as of today, we are extremely happy with the results of this surgery and Tesnime is ready to resume the speech therapy next week with more confidence to see her ‘in chaa Allah’ recovering from the speech disorder she is subject to. In fact from day 2 of the surgery Tesnime recovered well and could behave normally without any pain or fever. Two weeks after the surgery Tesnime could resume school normally and her teachers and school staff were extremely happy to see her back to school. I would also thank all the doctors, nurses and staff from MedCare Hospital who were involved in Tesnime’s case. Please accept the sincere recognition and thank you from my wife and myself; we are happy that God made us to meet you here in Dubai! 

Tesnime Parents: Nacera and Moussa”

8. Orthognathic Surgery: Head & Neck Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

“I was delighted to come across Dr Jehad Al Sukhun. He was very professional. He explained the surgery and its potential complications. I have seen several surgeons in relation to the surgery of my jaw. And Dr Jehad Al Sukhun was spot on in his diagnosis. And the surgery was a great success. I do recommend Dr Al Sukhun to all my friends. Once more many thanks to Dr Jehad Al Sukhun and his surgical team at MedCare Hospital. 


9. Dental Implants

“I was amazed when I had my upper and lower teeth replaced with 12 implants. Three days later I had my final bridges & crowns fixed once for all. I am blessed to come across with Dr Jehad. He was highly recommended by a friend. I am ever so grateful to you Dr Jehad. You made my dream comes true after all this wait for so many years of wearing dentures. Now I can smile, talk and eat without being embarrassed. God bless you and your wonderful Nurse Delmira. Mohamad Al Tayer”

10. Cleft lLip: Head & Neck Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

That's absolutely amazing, you've completely changed that baby's future. Fantastic work 👍
Sara Quinn

11. Orbital Fracture / Eye Injury

Dear Medcare hospital, 

I am Ilenia and I am writing this email because I would like to share my experience in Medcare Hospital with Dr. Jehad Al Sukhun, Oral Maxilofacial. 

The 8th of October I discovered that I had multiple fractures of my orbital floor below my eye and that I can put at serious risk my sight and my facial look forever, without a surgery as soon as possible. 

When at first I got this news, I felt shocked and worried, but Dr. Jehad took his time to explain to me all the details of my complicated case and he shared his optimism and confidence with me. The following day after the surgery he spoke with my husband and briefed him about the surgery and how successful it went. My husband, who was very worried for me, felt really well and reassured after his words. Dr Jehad kept himself available during my healing process and gave me many piece of advice ahead of my full recovery which is still ongoing. 

10 days have already passed and I feel lucky I have met dr. Jehad the day I most needed him. The scar below my eye is healing very well and I believe it is only thanks to him if one day I can forget about this terrible accident I had, and I can keep moving on with my life. 

Thank you very much for the hospital support. 

Best regards, 


12. Orthognathic Surgery

Dear Doctor Jehad Al Sukhun,

My daughter Sana aged 18 years went through a upper jaw surgery  on 26th July 2018 which you conducted.  As parents it was the most difficult decision and experience of our lives. We cannot thank you enough for the expertise you showed conducting the surgery and more than that the care and patience you exercised in explaining about the need of this surgery and the way you handled our concerns post the surgery. We as parents had hundreds of queries every day after this complicated surgery about swelling, pain, difficulty in eating,  swallowing etc etc but never once I now recall did you lose patience or not respond.  We thank you with every breath now and forever. I remember during Eid holidays while you were on a break and in Turkey you called me to answer a query which I sent you on Wattsapp. No Doctor would have done so.

Sana is another person after the surgery. She is now so happy and so confident as she is on her way to recovery. She personally wants to send you a thank you note. Sana is so proud of this surgery that she has told all her friends in her university in London about you and this surgery. Seeing her happy makes us parents really happy and hence we have no words to thank you and express our gratitude in the way you have performed this surgery with excellent results.

I have personally known many doctors who while may be good at their job but have rarely met a Doctor like you with so much care, patience and ability to explain matters. Not only are you an expert surgeon but an excellent human being. This is the character trait which makes you stand apart and this is what society needs.

Just as an update, Sana is now studying in London and will be back on December 15th  for her Christmas break and would like to meet with you so that you can see her progress. She still complains of irritation in certain parts of her face though this is considerably reducing on a weekly basis. We do hope this will becomes 100 percent alright by the time she sees you in December.

I thank you once again for making my daughter confident and happy.

Best wishes to you and your family,